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The Plywood Palace: A Tiny Home in the Woods and Finishing Up Cabin Renovations

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23 Jänner 2022

Today you guys get to watch me struggle to finish the ceiling of the second cabin, Matt buys a trailer, i acquire a truck, and you finally get to see Lizzy's tiny home in the woods (aka The Plywood Palace). All in all this winter has been full of projects and warm fires and good people and so much snow. Turns out it's getting harder and harder to leave, even when the winter months get hard, which has been pleasantly surprising 🥰
You might notice that this video ends on New Year's Eve... I'm behind 🙃
But! In a good way! To avoid burnout I decided to take some time to stockpile footage so I can work ahead and not always be scrambling to film, edit and post each week. Hoping this makes it easier to get some time in to just live off camera a bit 😉
As always, thanks for being patient with me, and coming back even when I'm not always the most reliable.
I'm sending out all the warm and cozy energy to you guys this Sunday ♥

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