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Giulia Falcone - Spazio Nel Cuore (Official video)

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
15 August 2023

⁣«Spazio Nel Cuore» was born by chance, after a very intense personal and working period. Despite the melancholic tones of the lyrics, the contrast with the musical arrangement with 80s vibes makes the song fresh and positive. Hope you will enjoy my new original summer song in italian ⭐

I will never stop thanking you all for the precious support and affection you show me and if you just came here by chance, l'll be happy to count you among those who constantly follow my YouTube channel. You can also subscribe by clicking on @GiuliaFalcone06 and please, make sure to enable all push notifications 🔔
Much Love to all of you

Giulia xxx

Music credits:

Produced by Musicosophy
Written and composed by Davide Esposito and Giulia Falcone
Arrangements by Quentin Bachelet
Voice recorded by Giovanni Sala at Cantine di Badia Recording Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Giovanni Sala
Distributed by Idol and Peermusic
Publishing by Peermusic and Misocosophy

Video credits:

Video shooting by LJS&Farrel
Directed by Giulia Falcone
Assistant Director - Lorena Bianchi
Drone-shooting by Federico Bonometti
Appearances in the Music Video:
Matilde Paolini, Sofia Bucci, Anna Bedini
Giulia Falcone
Coreography by
Giulia Ravecca, Sofia Bucci, Anna Bedini Matilde Paolini and Giulia Falcone

Tuscany and Liguria - Italy
Riva Trigoso (Sestri Levante) Genova - Cava di Valsora (Massa Carrara) - Parco Nazionale delle 5 Terre

Special thanks to:
Laura Angelini for allowing us to shoot the video at Cava Valsora a breathtaking natural theater in the Tuscany Region located at an altitude of about 900 meters in Passo del Vestito in the Apuan Alps. A charming place, a fascinating mining site surrounded by nature that houses the "lake of the newts": a biologist located in a picturesque setting formed by high vertical walls of streaked marble.

Stefano Beatini who made available to us his wonderful pool located on the hills of Sarzana (La Spezia) in an area completely surrounded by greenery between olive and lemons trees

The lyrics of « Spazio Nel Cuore » translated into French, English and Spanish is written in the first comment of my video


Spazio Nel Cuore

Quante domande inutili
Risposte che non avrò mai
Quanti pensieri stupidi
Per cercare di capire
Solo promesse e parole al vento
E questo silenzio è come un fuoco spento

Appesa a un filo
Senza tempo io
Resto sospesa nel vuoto

Ballo nella notte
Fino a che
Passa ogni dolore senza te
Vuole sorridere
Tornare a vivere
Questo mio cuore
Ballo al ritmo della musica
Ogni movimento è libertà
Salvare l'anima
Voltare pagina
Facendo spazio nel cuore

Pensieri come catene
Attratti da sentimenti astratti
Credevo fosse facile
Non incrociare più i tuoi sguardi
Ora è il momento di dimenticare
Sulla mia pelle sento arrivare il mare
E questo nuovo sole
Brucia più del sale

Ballo nella notte
Fino a che
Passa ogni dolore senza te
Vuole sorridere
Tornare a vivere
Questo mio cuore
Ballo al ritmo della musica
Ogni movimento è libertà
Salvare l'anima
Voltare pagina
Facendo spazio nel cuore

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