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VAN BUILD from start to finish | 1.5 year SELF BUILD (under £10k)!

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18 April 2022

Hey everyone!!

If you're new, my name's Amelise, I'm 21 and live full time in my van (my parents do aswell!). I have a little dog called Gigi who travels around with me❤️

This week I thought I'd show you how I built my van from start to finish.
This took about 1.5 years during the lockdowns and was a good distraction for me! I had many days where I wanted to give up on the build, because it was so mentally challenging at some points, especially in winter. However, now I have my tiny home and I know how to fix everything if anything goes wrong in it!

Thanks for being awesome as ever, Ame❤️

Follow me on instagram & TikTok for more updates - @ameinavan

If you'd like to support me:

Location - France
How long have I lived in my van - 6 months
spec- self built ford transit by me total conversion cost - £3,500
How I earn money? You're watching it :)

#vanbuild #vanlife #vantour

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