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The Good Ones - Gabby Barrett (cover) | Mayte Levenbach

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
20 Jänner 2021

⁣The Good Ones - Gabby Barrett (cover) | Mayte Levenbach

I've gotten a lot of questions when I would use violin in my covers again. Finally, after three months of not being able to play any instruments or doing anything with my left wrist, I'm slowly starting my recovering process and I'm slowly starting to play instruments again! This cover took my a couple of days to record as I couldn't play the guitar for longer than 15 minutes after one another, but it was worth it! It felt so great to record my own instrumental again and I hope you enjoy my cover of this song!

When I first heard this song, it sounded so cute and catchy, so I knew I wanted to cover it and I immediately heard where the violin should go. I did, however, change 2 lines of the lyrics... Can you figure out what I changed it to..?

#TheGoodOnes #GabbyBarrett #MayteLevenbach

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Mayte Levenbach - guitar, keys, violin
Mixed - Conrad Nuyts (Menno Levenbach)
Original artist - Gabby Barrett

Videographer - Conrad Nuyts
Editer - Mayte Levenbach (with last-minute amazing help from Joe!!)
Location - Riemst, Belgium

Patreon sponsors for this video:
Bob Phillips, Chris Mockler, Craig M, David Rosentrater, Douglas Meeker, Musling, Oliver Kröppel, Ramsenthaer Reinhard, Stefan K.-+-, Tony Horrex

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