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The Carpenters - Top Of The World - Cover by Mayte Levenbach

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
25 Sep 2020

⁣The Carpenters - Top Of The World - Cover by Mayte Levenbach

Hello everyone!

I've loved Top Of The World for years now, so I thought it's about time to actually cover this song myself. This song always cheers me up, even if I'm really down. Appreciating the world around you is something you should always do.

With appreciating the world around you comes appreciating who you have around you. It doesn’t matter if they live close to you, it doesn’t matter if you talk daily, it doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for years. They’re always there for you and they’ll always have your back. I went back into my camera roll and looked for videos of friends of mine that I really appreciate and who are there for me whenever I need them. I appreciate them for always being there for me and I’ll always be there for them.

I hope you like it!

Love, Mayte ❤

Ps. Yes, I also recorded the violin part.

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Filmed by: Kavita
Featuring: Charlotte Zone, Kavita, Steffie, Anna, Cheyenne, Anuschka and Nuria Levenbach.
Thumbnail by: Mayte Levenbach
Karaoke by: bought by my (old) singing teacher about 3 years ago.

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