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Take Me Home For Christmas - Mayte Levenbach

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
16 Dezember 2020

⁣Take Me Home For Christmas - Mayte Levenbach feat. Conrad Nuyts & Lito Levenbach (Dan + Shay cover)

As I've done for the past two years, I really want to release a Christmas single of a Christmas song that you won't necessarily hear on the radio ten times a day. Because I'm incapable of playing an instrument at the moment, I knew I wanted to do the single with Conrad and Lito. As I was going through a million Christmas songs, I couldn't find one that I was truly happy with. Until, of course, I saw that Dan + Shay had just released their own Christmas song, just a week ago! I sent it to Lito and showed it to Conrad and we started working on it! I really want to work hard on my vocals, as that is the only thing I could contribute and whilst hearing the song for hours in a loop whilst driving home, I thought it would be fun to have a keys/guitar duel at the end of the song.

Conrad and Lito really worked their magic on the song and I'm so happy with how it turned out! I really wanted to film the video with the three of us together and because it mentions "hometown" and "take me where you used to watch the snow come down", I thought it would be a nice idea to film it in my hometown, in the beautiful The Hague with all it's Christmas lights! We hope you enjoy our version of this amazing song! And if you do, don't forget to stream it on all digital platforms! Have a lovely Christmas!

Ps. To make it more personal, Lito and I worked on other lyrics for the second verse of the song. I really wanted to turn into something more personal and I, personally, wouldn't want to go out drinking with high school friends or watch Santa with a loved one, but rather show him the memories of being together! I hope you like our take on the lyrics!

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