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Sina featuring Kate Kuziakina

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
01 Juli 2022

⁣The Sixsters Booking: +49 0176 21 42 82 32
The original song 'Fever' was written and performed by The Sixsters
© 2021 The Sixsters Family video production, Oleksandr Kuziakin

Some background information:
This is not about Sina, it’s not even about Kate (or Katya). And it’s certainly not a drum ‘battle’. It’s more like a drum ‘duet’ but most of all, it’s about generating some attention for Katya’s band The Sixsters and their families.

They had to flee their country due to the war in Ukraine and the band members’ families are now spread over Germany, Switzerland, and Spain, thousands of kilometers apart. But nevertheless, they are absolutely determined to go ahead with their music and with their band, no matter the cost, no matter the effort.

If you happen to work within the European Live Music Industry as a booker, agent, or promoter, please check out the links on top for more information about the band. There is a language barrier, but Google Translate can fix this!

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