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Soul Searching - Album Release (live at In Het Koorenhuis) Mayte Levenbach

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
21 Oct 2020

⁣Soul Searching - Album Release (live at In Het Koorenhuis)

It's been a long journey, but we've finally reached the time that I can proudly say: my newest album "Soul Searching" releases at midnight (your timezone) on all digital platforms!

Go buy it, download it and stream it here: ⁣https://distrokid.com/hyperfol....low/maytelevenbach/s
Go buy the physicaly signed CD here: https://www.maytelevenbach.com/products
And share videos of you jamming along on your social media, tagging me, so I can share your video!

More "Soul Searching" videos are coming your way really soon, so stay tuned!

Conrad Nuyts - keys, percussion, backing vocals
Lito Levenbach - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Savannah Taekema - bass
Steef Molenaar - drums, cajon
Steffie de Konink - backing vocals

Arturo Ramon - acoustic guitar feature (track 9)

Sound engineer: Menno Levenbach
Light engineer: Bart Putman
Stage manager: Maurits Koelen
Livestream & filming: Erick Kicken, Remco & Ernst van Erkelens from KVX (Kickens Visual Xpressions)
Location: In Het Koorenhuis

Album "Soul Searching":
Mixed & mastered by: Arturo Ramón at Tuti Studio
Produced by: Mayte Levenbach
Co-produced by: Arturo Ramón, Conrad Nuyts, Lito Levenbach & Menno Levenbach
Many thanks to: Erminia Fernández Córdoba, Wolter Taekema and Mayte's patrons

For more information go to: https://www.maytelevenbach.com

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