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Rock´n´Roll Has Died (Chi Might II); Sina feat Victoria K

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
11 November 2018

Our new Album 'Chi Might II' is supposed to launch in October 2018. It will feature one Artist/Songwriter/Band per song and it will include different genres. So it won't be strictly 'Hard Rock' or 'Jazz' or 'Blues' or 'Soul' but it will be about everything that's fun. Or emotional. Or cool. The first song is pretty much 'Rock' and there is only one choice for Rock: Victoria K (Australia)

This is the most international collaboration we ever did, featuring Juna Serita (Japan), Andrei Cerbu (Romania), Rick Benbow (England) and Mike Wilbury (Germany)

Victoria K - Lead & Backing Vocals; https://goo.gl/Wkesab
Rick Benbow - Keyboards; http://rickbenbow.com/
Juna Serita - Bass (Part 2); https://goo.gl/9pDTEo
Andrei Cerbu - Bass (Part 1), Lead Guitar Part 1 & 2, Additional Guitar Part 1, Backing Vocals; https://goo.gl/QwoXNi
Mike Wilbury - Additional Guitars (Part 2)
Sina - Drums & Backing Vocals; https://girls-got-groove.com/

Lyrics by Victoria K
Music by Mike Wilbury & Victoria K

Victoria's Vocals were recorded by Lee Bradshaw
Vocal Studio: Bradshaw Music Productions

If you want to be involved in funding the album, please join me on Patreon and you will be one of the first to hold a copy in your hands :)


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