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Ed Sheeran - Perfect - Cover by Mayte Levenbach

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
25 September 2020

⁣Ed Sheeran - Perfect - Cover by Mayte Levenbach

Hello everyone!

Don't we just all love this song? Well, I did, and this is what happens haha. This song was also highly requested, but I wanted to make this cover a bit more special, so I decided to not create a backing track using piano or guitar, but violin only. All the sounds in the track are made by a violin except for 2 lines of vocals. It was quite a challenge, but I, myself, am quite happy with the result.

Because I wanted to only use violin, it took quite some time and I think this cover is one of the covers that took me longest to create and edit. Recording this from scratch with no example to look at was so fun though and I hope you like this too.

Love, Mayte ❤

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This video is sponsored by:
Goddess Nike
Fred Aldridge
Tommy Simonetti

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Filmed by: mum and Anna
Thumbnail by: Mayte Levenbach

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