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Easy on me - Adele // Brittany Maggs cover

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
04 Nov 2021

⁣IM BACK!!! AND SO IS ADELE !!!!! this is so exciting ....
thank you for sticking around and waiting while I recovered, I am feeling soooo much better now (still have a long way to go) but forever thankful for all of you and your kind words and wishes. Seriously though, it felt so amazing to get back into the studio and I will be posting so much more now! Comment below what new covers you would like to see.

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If you want a personalised video from me head over to my cameo and we can chat! http://Cameo.com/Brittanymaggs​​

If you have a cover suggestion be sure to write it in the comments and I might just choose it for my next cover!

Business Inquiries; music@brittanymaggs.com.au

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Instagram: @brittanymaggs
Facebook: @brittanymaggsmusic (Brittany)
Snapchat: Britt_maggsxo
Twitter: @brittanymaggs_
Tik Tok: @brittanymaggs_
Cameo: http://Cameo.com/Brittanymaggs​​
Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/brittanymaggs

Production & Filming : Greg Stace
Editing: Brittany Maggs

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