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Van life in nature & travelling to the UK...

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18 Juni 2022


This week I've travelled back to the Uk to get an MOT, which sucks to be honest. However, starting the day in a river this beautiful defo helped with the long a$$ journey :) Anyway, my entire hard drive broke for no reason so I'm sorry that the vid is so short (I had to speed edit/redo the whole video) - I honestly don't know why but I have a dramatic tech story every week atm!!!!

Anyway... thank you, as ever, for all your support -I really appreciate it ❤️
Ame & Gigi

Patreon- www.patreon.com/ameinavan
paypal - https://paypal.me/ameinavan?country.x...

Instagram & TikTok - @ameinavan

Do I live in my van full time - yes, I have done for 8 months
Do I film my own videos - yes, I travel alone
Do I edit my own videos - yes
Income- you're watching it ;)

#solofemalevanlife #vanlifeuk #vanlife

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