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Solo female van life chaos

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04 Juni 2022

Hey people :)

After spending the past week in Cannes, sorting my phone screen out etc, I headed to Antibes, I wanted to see the Nomad statue, I'm not entirely sure why I like it but I visited it like 6 months ago and I wanted to go back. I probably should learn to plan ahead a bit more. Also apologies for the audio in certain parts, I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to film in the wind and a restaurant, but I guess it could be considered a 4d experience ;)

Also, my front brakes have now been done, it's all safe and good and Mr Stalker dude has revisited, which is a bonus I guess.

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I live in my van full time (have done for 8 months)
Van? self converted Ford Transit MWB
Income - social media (before hand, food trucks & selling bracelets on Etsy)

#vanlife #solofemalevanlife #travelvlog

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