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Living in a VAN in ST TROPEZ

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30 April 2022

Hey everyone, I hope you're all good.

This week I'm in St Tropez, one of my most favourite places in the world... enjoy :)

Also- If you're wondering my parents are around the south still as it's my mum's birthday in a few days. I'll show you where the shower in their van is when we reunite then (if you're interested). It's been nice to have them around hehe.

l'll be answering some questions in my next vid if you have any!

If you'd like to help support :) - https://paypal.me/ameinavan?country.x=GB&locale.x=en_GB

- Income - Social Media (originally savings from working 3 years on food trucks and selling bracelets online)
- I edit and film etc all my own content
#vanlife #femalevanlife #sttropez

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