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I explored an abandoned hospital alone | Solo Van Life

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09 April 2022

My name's Ame (Amélise), I'm 21 and have been living full time in my van named 'Gloria' for the last 5 months with my dog Gigi. In this video we explore an abandoned hospital, camp in my van by the beach & wake up for sunrise.

This video was taken in the South of France, around le Grau du Roi (no one seems to mention locations, so here you go).

- FAQ -
Where am I? - France
How old am I? - 21
Which breed is Gigi? - Yorkshire terrier (she's 1)
How do I fund van life?- social media & savings from the last 3 years (shoestring)
Do you go back home? - My parents live in a van as well (I don't have a house to go back to)
Home town? - Cambridge, UK

- Van build Qs-
Which Van?- MWB Ford Transit
Type? self built camper by me
How long did it take? 1.5 years

#vanlife #ameinavan #tinyliving


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