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Full Time Van Life with My Parents

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22 April 2022

I upload every Friday :)

Hey everyone!!
Thank you all so much (as ever) for just being awesome, I love the community here so much and I appreciate every kind comment (you all make my day, everyday).

This video is a bit different to my other ones, I'd been waiting to meet with my parents to record what full time van life looks like as a family. This video was so much fun to make with my parents (don't worry, we normally argue, but because we've spent so much time apart, we were actually very pleasant to each other haha!).

My parents - Rob & Charlotte
They run a food truck in the UK and worked really hard during the pandemic to save up enough money to travel for the last 7 months. Their van is also a novice self build - started 6 months after me, due to their work. They will soon be going back to the UK to work some more, whilst still living in their van.

I will start patreon soon, I have some fun ideas :) But if you'd like to support me- https://paypal.me/ameinavan?country.x=GB&locale.x=en_GB


- We started out van life together and travelled around France for a few months, which was cool. We've been travelling individually since then, until now :)

- my parents own and have run a food truck for the last 8 years
- I saved up for 3 years working on food trucks and in the Alps as a chalet host, sold bracelets online and now I earn money through social media.

- both builds cost under 10k and were built by us individually
- Parents van - peugeot boxer
- my van - Ford transit

- we lived in a caravan for a year before van life in order to save up and test out tiny living, on my grandpa's drive way.
- We started out van life together, due to the pandemic and ease of things!

The dogs-
Coco (she's 12, the slightly bigger one)
Lillie (she's 8, she was my grandma's dog)
Gigi (the one rolling in everything- she's mine, she's also 1 year old)

location - France

#vanlife #fulltimetravel #fulltimevanlife

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