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Mayte Levenbach - Torn (semi-live, unplugged) feat. Lito Levenbach

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Christian Kumhofer
Christian Kumhofer
09 Dec 2020

⁣Mayte Levenbach - Torn (semi-live, unplugged) feat. Lito Levenbach

Lito and I had the idea to do an acoustic, live version of my song "Torn" which is featured on my album "Soul Searching". Just us two, two guitars and lead vocal... But then my wrist got inflamed and I'm not allowed to use it, so we did a fully live version of lead guitar with lead vocal and Lito recorded the strum guitar afterwards. It was fun to play this together again! And I'm a huge fan of the lead guitar, which is now very clear in this version! I hope you enjoy our semi-live, unplugged version.

Go buy the album, download it and stream it here: ⁣https://distrokid.com/hyperfol....low/maytelevenbach/s
Go buy the physical signed CD here: https://www.maytelevenbach.com/products
And share videos of you jamming along on your social media, tagging me, so I can share your video!

A few more "Soul Searching" videos are coming your way, so stay tuned!
Ps. Next week a Christmas single!!

Edited by: Mayte Levenbach
Mixed by: Conrad Nuyts

Album "Soul Searching":
Mixed & mastered by: Arturo Ramón at Tuti Studio
Produced by: Mayte Levenbach
Co-produced by: Arturo Ramón, Conrad Nuyts, Lito Levenbach & Menno Levenbach
Many thanks to: Erminia Fernández Córdoba, Wolter Taekema and Mayte's patrons

For more information go to: https://www.maytelevenbach.com

If you'd like to be the first one to know what and when I'm uploading and you'd like to support me in my music, make sure to check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/maytelevenbach

This video is sponsored (through Patreon) by:
Bob Phillips, Chris Mockler, Craig M, David Rosentrater, Douglas Meeker, Lee Clarke, Musling, Oliver Kröppel, Ramsenthaler Reinhard, Stefan K.-+- & Tony Horrex

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